Jaseboards Ino' Freeride

The Surge is our freeride beast with flared nose and tail kicks that give you a footing at the symmetrical ends of the board like no other. The beefier drop-through deck gives the Surge more stability when sliding at higher speeds and keeps it rigid when pulling flatland tricks. The low U-concave platform is great for technical tricks like shuv-its manuals, g-turns and heel flips. The combination of a shorter wheel base than the drop and an equally low platform also makes it an awesome board for pushing around and enjoying your surroundings at any level!


Specs: Length: 38 inches Width: 9 inches Wheelbase: 28.75 inches Thickness: 0.625 inches Build: 5 ply Maple core with vertically laminated Bamboo exterior ply. Concave: Mid U Camber: Flat Complete

Weight: 8 lbs 12 oz

– 38″ 2 plyBamboo with 5 ply Canadian Maple Core.

– Silica carbide clear grip

– Castle 180mm 50º reverse kingpin Trucks

– Puka 71mm x 52mm 78a wheels

- Puka Stainless ABEC 7's


Features: The combination of a maple core and vertically laminated bamboo on the top and bottom creates a weather resistant deck (since treated bamboo absorbs very little water) that has a supportive flex. Jaseboards grip tape is a blend of silicon carbide grit sizes that create an extremely coarse and grippy top so you won’t lose your footing and it will stand up to the elements.

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