"The Kick" Jaseboards Kick-tail longboard -Big Surf

The mid 90′s traditional longboard design. A jack of all trades, good for cruising, a little bit of freeriding, skating parks and sidewalk surfing. the 7 inch long tail gives you ample room to put your foot on the back to pop it up and make sharper turns and the nose is just long enough to comfortably pull off nose manuals. As one of our most versatile boards it’s great for anyone from beginner to advanced.


Deck: 38"x 8.5"

Wheels: 71mm x 52mm 78a Puka Fireballs

Bearings: Puka Stainless ceramics

Grip: Clear ExtraCourse GripTape

Trucks: 180deg CASTLE TRIM reverse kingpin

bushings: 85a Puka buds

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