Jaseboards Classic Drop Through Longboard

The Drop is designed for carving, pushing and cruising. The drop through design deck gives it more stability at higher speeds and allows you to put some power into your carves. The mellow W-concave will help lock your feet in when hitting the hills but is still comfortable for kicking &cruising around town. A little bit of camber and flex make for a softer ride and help store energy when digging into your carves. - 41.5″ 2 ply exterior V-lam Bamboo with 4 ply Canadian Maple core. - Extra coarse silicon carbide clear grip - Castle 180mm 50º reverse kingpin Trucks - Puka 76mm x 53mm 78a wheels - Puka 7 bearings


Deck: 41.5"x 9.6"

Wheels: 71mm x 52mm 78a Puka Fireballs

Bearings: Puka ALLBLACK ceramics

Grip: Clear ExtraCourse GripTape

Trucks: 180deg CASTLE reverse kingpin

bushings: 85a Puka buds

Collections: Longboarding

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