Jaseboards Classic Moko

48″ of pure breeze feeling, concrete cruising fun. We have taken an extra year developing this, the biggest deck in the lineup. Tested on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and the mountains of Utah, this board was made for the beach walks and the hilltops. The mellow W-concave of the Moko deck allows for a fun platform to practice your articulate footwork yet locks your feet in place when the terrain steepens. The raised camber of the Moko mixed with the vertically spelled bamboo gives and energy to your steps that is unparalleled!

Wheelbase 31.65''

Deck width 10''

Deck length 48''



Deck: 48"x 10"

Wheels: 71mm x 52mm 78a Puka Fireballs

Bearings: Puka ALLBLACK ceramics

Grip: Clear ExtraCourse GripTape

Trucks: 180deg CASTLE reverse kingpin

bushings: 85a Puka buds



Collections: Longboarding

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